Law Enforcement And The Scourge Of Paid Vacations

A single police department costs taxpayers nearly $2K a day to keep bad cops on paid vacations.

On the average, it takes several months to investigate cases involving police officers, and while officers are being investigated they are usually put on paid vacation. Yes, they continued to get paid while they are being investigated for various crimes, and where does this money come from? You guessed right! Taxpayers reimburse these cops who through their negligent actions might’ve endangered the lives of the same taxpaying citizens.

Cops are investigated for various crimes, such as stealing, assault, rape, extortion, and even murder. Unlike civilians, the law affords them special circumstances. While most people will be in jail while awaiting trial, cops are allowed to freely move about. But not only that, they continue to get paid. It is estimated to cost taxpayers thousands of dollars a day to keep these cops on the payroll. In simple terms, they are being rewarded for their extremely bad behavior.

Some police departments work much like an organized crime syndicate; cops break all sorts of laws confident in the fact that they won’t get caught because the whole police force is backing them. And even those who get caught are compensated. It is a system that works perfectly in their favor and encourages them to continue in their wrongdoings.

It should be a simple matter to stop paying bad cops. Taxpayers should not be made to continue to feed those bad nuts. Cops should be judged by the same standards as the rest of the society. If they break laws they are meant to uphold, they should face the full consequences of their actions. It is about time we take a little power back from law enforcement.

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Source: The Free Thought Project
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