Chicago Cop Snubbed Rhymefest As He Reported Robbery Attack

“All I want to do is make a report that I was robbed. I don’t expect that you all are go and find the person, but I do want to make a report,” the Chicago rapper explained to the officer as she snubbed him and tries to drive him out of the police station.

A shocking video posted on twitter by Che Smith, whose stage name is Rhymefest shows a Chicago cop who seemed unbothered when the rapper was at the station to report a robbery incident. According to the Chicago Tribune, the rapper was robbed at gunpoint in the early hours of that morning and he decided to go lodge a formal complaint at the police station. But to his utmost surprise, the officers at the station didn’t seem interested in his case.

Rhymefest recorded the shameful conduct of the cop and posted it on his twitter page. Underneath the video, he wrote, “You wonder we don’t report crimes? The police treated me disgustingly.”

After the rapper noticed the disgusting attitude of the cop towards him, he started recording the incident. The desk officer who ignored him and later tried to turn him away could be heard saying “First of all, you’re in a police station, you can’t do that.”

After the Black rapper insisted that it wasn’t out of order for him to use his phone, the desk officer told him to leave and later walked away.“What information do you need. I would like to give you that information and report that I was robbed this morning,” the Chicago rapper repeatedly enquired of the officer who was adamant to take his complaint. But rather, he was asked to shut up.

According to the Black rapper, a gunman got into his car, pointed a gun at his head and ordered him to surrender his wallet. He narrated that the robber took his wallet and bolted.

Unfortunately for the rapper, the most disturbing thing was the way he was treated by some officers at the police station when he had gone there to file a complaint.

At a point in the footage, the officer could be heard asking Rhymefest why he chose that particular police station. But the amazed rapper answered saying “All I want to do is make a report that I was robbed. I don’t expect that you all are go and find the person, but I do want to make a report.”

Chicago police spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi has since rendered an unqualified apology to Rhymefest for the misconduct of the police officer. He said, “We are disappointed with what we’ve seen and how Mr. Smith was treated, and the chief of patrol called him personally to apologize on behalf of the department. On behalf of CPD, I apologize for how you were treated.”

I am sure at this point most people will understand why Black people don’t really report cases at the police station. What difference does it make? The police are only a friend to the whites, period! They don’t care what happens to the Black person. It was clear that the officer wasn’t just interested in the rapper’s case because he was Black. She just didn’t care what the issue might be or how urgent it might be. Racial profiling in the police service is just horrible!

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Source: Rawstory
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