Two Black Men Create Mobile App To Record And Report Police Encounter

“The inspiration for it came from a few things,” C.E.O .of Legal Equalizer, Mbye Njie told ABS.

The rampant police brutalities against Black people in the U.S.A has mandated the innovation of two smart Black guys to develop a mobile application that can send an ‘SOS’ after a police pull over. The introduction of the app seeks to educate the Black people about their rights, holding police accountable for their inactions and as a means to curtail racial profiling.

Mbye Njie, the Gambian native who happens to be the C.E.O of the Legal Equalizer, producers of the application said that his motivation to create such an application came as a result of a number of encounters he had with the police.

Speaking to ABS, Njie said; “The inspiration for it came from a few things, I had been thinking about an app for the few months leading up to it, because that was right around the time we had [the] Mike Brown [shooting]. We’d just seen John Crawford, we just saw Tamir Rice, and we’d seen Eric Garner that summer. And my Facebook wall was just full of arguments from different sides, different perspectives.”

Njie, a former Apple salesman teamed up with his partner, Martin Davis who happened to be a developer and together they created the revolutionary mobile app.

The app comes with three amazing features: a button to record an encounter with the police, an SOS button that sends a text notification to friends and family about the user’s location and another division that gives the user a list of his/her legal rights based on a GPS location.

Information available on the official website of the app educates users on how the app functions. The app has the capability to film an incident as soon as it is launched. This recording is then automatically sent to three emergency contacts the user inputs while registering on the app. Also, in case of danger, the user can push the panic button or SOS which will send a text notification to the emergency numbers and also, state the user’s location with the help of a GPS system.

Njie said; “My ultimate goal is to take this internationally, We can actually expand this and put a stop to this [police brutality.] Or if not stop it, slow it down significantly,” as he predicts the future of the new mobile app and company.

This is indeed a step in the right direction. Measures must certainly be taken by Black people to solve their own problem since the country doesn’t care. We commend Njie and Davis for this innovative way to expose the racism and barbarism in law enforcement.

Source: Atlanta Black Star

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