Abolitionists Believe Getting Rid Of The Police Would Be Great

“Our police isn’t working – we need to replace it with something new. It’s more than a repair. We need something new,” Activist Jessica Disu said.

Activist, Jessica Disu, never saw herself as a police abolitionist, until the moment she was on Fox News on July 11 talking about the recent shooting of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and several Dallas cops. She was joined by Megyn Kelly and 29 other people. “I was under the impression that it would be a robust and productive conversation, even though it was Fox News,” Disu said. The conversation they were having soon turned into a rough one, as someone talked about the BLM movement saying they were the cause of the death of the Dallas cops. Disu responded to the statement saying, “We need to abolish the police. Demilitarize the police, disarm the police,” “We need to come up with community solutions for transformative justice.”

After the killing of Paul O’Neal on July 28, calls were made to the CPD headquarters for the abolition of police by some young people. A feminist group called ‘Assata’s Daughters’ also organized a march for police abolition, in the wake of Michael Brown’s death and hundreds of supporters joined the march.

Mariame Kaba, a feminist and activist, stated that abolition could be divided in two ways, the complete and utter dismantling of surveillance, policing and prison in their present existence in our culture and the building up of new ways of relating to one another. “I had this notion of trying to create an explicitly abolitionist organization that would test that idea in a community setting,” she explained. She went on to insist on the fact that the abolition is not about destruction and anarchy, but about building alternatives.

Kaba and other abolitionists claimed they aren’t trying to persuade people from calling the police when there is an emergency, but instead, the communities should gather regularly and discuss alternatives to calling the police, even if they aren’t in existence at the moment. They also pointed out that abolition is already being practiced on a larger scale than people imagine. “People in Naperville are living abolition right now. The cops are not in their schools, they’re not on every street corner.” She added.

Tamar Manasseh, the founder of Mothers Against Senseless Killings (MASK), sets up barbecue every day for the past year on the corner of 75th and Stewart in Englewood, a place which has been rife with violence over the years, with the sole purpose of curbing violence in the neighborhood. She cooks and a lot of kids and adults come to eat. “Nobody wants to come through here shooting if they see 50 kids outside waiting to eat dinner,” Manasseh said. She has since been joined by other mothers as they commended her effort to stop violence in the neighborhood.

The city of Chicago has found itself in the middle of a growing movement that envisages a world without cops. Blacks have suffered from police brutality for many years without the Government making an effort to stop the heinous acts. We believe the police abolition would be a huge step in the right direction, as a reform is really needed in the law enforcement.

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Source: Chicago Reader
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