New York Cop Fined $1000 After Committing Series Of Crimes

Nicholas P. Kozak stole a car, committed DUI, crashed the car and is given a $1000 fine

On St. Patrick’s Day, a Kingston NY police officer, Nicholas P. Kozak, stole a car, crashed it into a highway, completely damaged the car and then ran away from the scene of the accident. He was later apprehended while he was hiding at a nearby home’s courtyard. He was charged with felony possession of property, DUI and fleeing an accident scene.

He is in a lot of trouble, that’s what would cross your mind after seeing the crimes the cop committed. However, Kozak received a generous discount in his punishment as he was fined $1000. That’s the punishment he got, not considering how dangerous, unlawful and morally wrong his transgressions were. He was even allowed to plead a misdemeanor DUI charge by Ulster Assistant District Attorney Margo Hanstein.

Kozak, who was off duty on the day of the incident, was suspended for 30 days without pay after the days passed; he remained suspended for a few weeks, but started receiving his pay.

The officer’s punishment comprised of a $1000 fine, he was ordered to attend a victims’ impact panel and was commanded to install an ignition interlock device on his car for one year.

Kozak’s attorney, Kevin Harp said: “He paid restitution to the owner of the vehicle to cover all out of pocket expenses not covered by insurance,” Harp said of Kozak. He said paying the $2,470.25 in restitution was required of Kozak as part of a plea deal.

Nicholas Kozak stole a car, got drunk, was charged with DUI, crashed the car, then ran away from the scene of the accident and was found after that in someone’s courtyard. If that was another person he would have been incarcerated already, not to talk of what would have happened if he was Black. However, he got fine of $1000, notwithstanding the fact that he violated so many rules. And why is that? Is it because he is a police officer? I’ll leave you to figure that out.

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Source: New York CopBlock
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