Cop Chokes Black High School Boy To The Ground For Jaywalking

“He’s a high school student and you’re fucking with him,” a motorcycle cop intervened to save Keyshawn’s life.

A disturbing video which is gone viral on social media shows a Fresno police officer using a chokehold on a harmless Black high school boy for a non-crime offense of jaywalking.

Keyshawn’s first day as a senior at the Hoover High School was characterized by a bizarre encounter with a power-drunk white cop. According to the video uploaded on Facebook, the cause of the physical abuse and arrest of the two juveniles are non-violent crimes of jaywalking and filming the police.

The footage shows the two students trying to cross the street to the other side when Keyshawn, who is commonly known as K.C walked across the street outside the authorized pedestrian pathway. This action caught the attention of the white cop who then approached them and attempted to arrest KC.

The unidentified White cop placed his hands around the Black boy’s neck, insisting he sat on the ground. The officer screams at him; “Get on the ground! You’re under arrest.” When K.C sought to know his offense, the officer responded by saying; “Right now, for battery on an officer.”

At this point, the cop was drugging him, trying to forcefully put him to the ground. K.C could be heard continuously saying that he did nothing wrong but the officer was still adamant. Not even the plea from his friend who stood at a distance to film the incident made the officer end the shameful act.

Finally, after about a minute, the officer had successfully tackled K.C to the ground. Just like in the case of Eric Garner, the unidentified white cop employed a chokehold on the Black boy as he struggled for breath.

It took the intervention as a motorcycle cop who appeared on the scene to stop his colleague. In the video, he could be heard saying “He’s a high school student and you’re fucking with him.” K.C was handcuffed by the cop while his friend was approached by the other officer and the recording stopped.
This situation is a total abuse of power by the police. A Black boy goes through all this physical abuse just because he crossed at the wrong side of the street. Was the police actually interested in his safety? Because that is the reason it is an offense to jaywalk; it endangers the life of the pedestrian.

This is a similar circumstance that surrounded the death of Michael Brown. I think the young Black boy’s life was much safer when he crossed the street at the wrong side than being with the police. It is clear that there is an “unwritten” law at work in the police service which is motivated by racism.

This officer needs to be brought to book immediately! It will be another disgrace on the entire police service if nothing is done about it.

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