All People In Prison Deserve Voice

For 25 years, Prison Radio has aired the voices of groundbreaking U.S. political prisoners. Now more than ever, they need your help to keep prisoners' testimonies on the air.

Help Prison Radio to keep prisoners’ voices on the air.

Prison Radio’s prison correspondents are rising up, speaking out, and resisting the dehumanizing effect of incarceration from the inside. People in prison must play a central role in the struggle against mass incarceration. And right now, you can make sure that incarcerated voices will not be silenced.

Prisoners can’t fight mass incarceration alone. Prison Radio needs your help to raise $50,000!

Thanks to supporters like you, we broadcast prisoners reporting from inside on local radio stations, national networks, and international channels. You have made it possible to hear from prisoners like Mumia Abu-Jamal, Lynne Stewart, Leonard Peltier, Herman Wallace, and over 100 more reporting in the global media.

Prison Radio turns 25 this year. It is a small organization that is funded solely by individual donors like you. Prisoners’ testimonies can only be heard on the airwaves when those of us on the outside step up and pitch in.

That’s why Prison Radio is asking for your help to raise $50,000 by September 9th. Your contribution today will turn up the volume on incarcerated voices that are crucial to the fabric of democracy.

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