"I look forward to earning your vote and working with you to change the trajectory of Baltimore."

A black son of Baltimore city has put forth his candidacy to be the 50th Mayor of the city.

Deray McKesson, 30, has expressed his earnest desire to be the next Mayor of the city which according to him, will usher in a new era of accountability and aggressive innovation on how the city identifies and solves its problems.
He promises to overcome the injustice ravaging the city.

McKesson said the urgent need for ambitions to be followed with strong implementation in the city is highly crucial as residents have undoubtedly “lived through lofty promises and vague plans” from politicians.

Regrettably, this has besieged the city with lack of accountability, safety and development.

He outlined key areas which require urgent attention.
Among these are “issues of safety” which is “more expansive than policing” and the need to address “issues related to job development, job access, and grade-level reading, transportation, and college readiness, amongst others”.

McKesson is a former teacher, a civil rights activist and a prominent member of the Black Lives Matter Movement, which organizes protests that center on African-American people.

His passionate plea for vote reveals a sense of dedication and uprightness.

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