Don’t Be Deceived: Black Panther Party Is For Peace

Amidst the racial tensions in the country, there has been a steady increase in the number of people calling for any pro-Black organization to be labeled as a terrorist group.

We are made to believe that Blacks commit the most crimes in the country, even though they comprise only about 13% of the population. This is often the argument thrown around to justify the clearly different mindset the police apply to policing black neighborhoods. An article written by Mac Donald for The Wall Street Journal used this precise argument to justify why officers more quickly resort to lethal force to subjugate black people in such neighborhoods.

Black people have been criminalized. The famous saying “innocent until proven guilty” does not apply to the black race. In most cases, it is guilty until proven innocent.

Groups such as the Black Panther Party sprung up to defend the lives that the country seems reluctant to protect. Often people confuse the purpose of groups like this, tagging them as racists groups out to instigate a war against White people. The mainstream media is greatly responsible for this erroneous picture of the Black Panther Party. They have purposefully created the impression among many that the group is up for violence.

This negative reportage has been discredited severally by the group and the way they handle issues. Rather, what the nation is faced with is a war against Black people and not by Black people because they are the ones being killed.

The Black Panther Party have made it abundantly clear on multiple occasions that they are out to fight against the systematic oppression of the Black population. The group is there to protect and defend the Black man against further inhuman treatment.

Throughout the history of America, Black people have been oppressed in one form or the other. What a lot of people call equality now is merely an illusion.

The war on Black people simply took a different form. Initially, Black people were made synonymous with crime, and then a war was waged on crime. The disproportionate arrest rates prove the prejudice the police hold against Black people.

Black Panther Party is a peaceful group fighting for justice and equality for the marginalized Black people.

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