Study Reveals Negative Stereotyping Of Black Women Across Multiple Platforms

Brazilian researchers, Camila Souza Araujo, Wagner Meira Jr., and Virgilio Almeida analyzed the photographic result for the search “beautiful woman” and “ugly woman” across several international versions of Bing and Google search engines and discovered that black women were more linked to the term “ugly woman”

It is no big surprise that the world we live in associates White women more closely with the term “beautiful”. However, what is a surprise is that there is an overwhelming realization that in the modern world, Black women are still considered ugly. This isn’t just one writer’s opinion; this is what research carried out by three scientists determined.

“Identifying Stereotypes in the Online Perception of Physical Attractiveness;” the title of a study carried out by Brazilian researchers Camila Souza Araujo, Wagner Meira Jr., and Virgilio Almeida of Universidade Federal deMinas Gerais in Brazil. The trio analyzed the top 50 photos for the search term “beautiful woman” and “ugly woman” on multiple international versions of Bing and Google and other search engines.

The result of their study showed stereotypes that many thoughts were long dead. It further brought to light that White women were more associated with the search term “beautiful woman.”

Moreover, the study revealed a negative stereotype against older women too. Figures recorded during the search disclosed that 85.7% of countries examined in Google and 76.4% of the countries observed in Bing showed negative stereotype of Black women.

The versions of Bing and Google that were used for the research the displayed heavy negative stereotypes of black women according to their findings were in Spain, Guatemala, Argentina, USA, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, and Paraguay among several others.

Black women have fought long and hard to prove they are just as beautiful as the women of any other race are, but it seems their battle is not over yet. Black beauty isn’t yet recognized all over the world, and it is sad to see that even in USA Black women still face this kind of prejudice. But the beauty of the Black woman is not in the hands of the Whites to judge. We know how the worth of our beauty and we won’t let anybody talk us down. We are proud of who we are regardless of what they think.

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