Neo-Confederates Builds Largest Monument On MLK Boulevard

The Texas’ neo-Confederates have commenced the construction of a monument which will be decorated with 32 rebel flags in Orange County.

The actual meaning of the Confederate Flag has become very controversial especially following the murder of some 9 Black churchgoers by a White supremacist in Charleston some few years back. In the wake of this unsolved puzzle, the Texas chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has taken a blatant step to fly the flag of the hate group right in the face of everyone.

The SCV which is led by racial extremists has almost completed the largest monument in Texas to honor the South’s role in the civil war. The memorial structure is said to hoist 32 rebel flags. The “racial fanatics” decided to put up this structure in no other location than between the Interstate 10 and the Orange’s Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, the Politico reports.

It is very obvious that the Texas SCV isn’t just fighting against the disappearance of the Confederate symbol as they seem to put it but rather to resurrect the heritage. They want to restore the heritage of the Confederate in order to still make their intentions and activities relevant.

The Black-Americans and other civil rights advocates find the Confederate flag insulting because of its implementation by the anti-integration
Southerners in the 1960’s. This was use as a means to protest against racial equality.
This is an insolent act of White people; to celebrating the subjection and torture they put the Black man through so publicly. These people are in no doubt celebrating the heritage of racism; something they should be ashamed of.

It is unbelievable how they got the permit to start the structure in the first place. And they chose no other place than the very spot where one of the greatest civil right activists is being honored. It is an insult to all black human rights activists and disrespects to the memory of the victims of Charleston, who were killed by a person who was esteeming confederation. This structure must be halted and pulled down. We won’t celebrate inequality and subjugation! We protest against the setting up of this monument!

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