Justice rightly slammed in the face of white officer for assault on Black Motorist

Fired Inkster police officer William Melendez takes Judge Vonda’s slamming sentence before heading for “behind bars”.

A Michigan Judge, Vonda Evans of Detroit ended a sentencing with a very compassionate speech, “You were so into your bravado that you forgot the eye of justice was recording you”, addressing ex-cop Melendez before his sentencing on Tuesday.

William Melendez was sentenced earlier this week for beating down an unarmed long-time Ford employee – Floyd Dent, who sustained multiple injuries, for an alleged traffic violation.

The verdict which was read in “grand slamming style”, condemning the brutal acts of Melendez, saw him face a prison term of not less than 13 months. However, he could end up serving a total of 10 years.

Yahoo News reported, Dent, who was driving with a suspended license was thrown out of his car and placed in a chokehold, followed by 16 fierce head punches.
Dent was formerly accused of possessing cocaine and charged with resisting arrest, was eventually vindicated and settled with $1.4 million by Inkster.

The accused was then convicted of two felonies, misconduct in office and assault with intent to do great body harm.
The 30-minute sentencing speech condemning the beating was also described as “disgusting” by Judge Evans.

Eventually, Melendez apologized to Dent and his family before the sentencing.
Somewhere, somehow, the truth has vindicated a black man and put a brutal racist policeman in the right place to be!

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