We #SayHerName to end police brutality

Sandra’s murderers will continue to ruin families and lives of Black people unless we all #SayHerName.

The movement #SayHerName, started as a vigil commemorating black women who died at the hands of white cops and their brutality. It was started by the African-American Policy Forum in response to the death of Black Activist Sandra Bland, who died in police custody.

Black men in the U.S. used to advice sons to be careful while driving as a “black man” but it seems daughters were usually left out. This goes on traditionally as black women usually end up being left out.

Whereas black women should be protected, just for the fact that black women constitute a good proportion of the total women population worldwide, they are, on the contrary compared to men and usually battered, humiliated and brutally handled.

The privileges of being white in the U.S. proves itself in such cases, as a larger part of the population of disgusting white racists , surprisingly support the Police’s state, even at the expense of the constitutional rights of other people.

Brutality against black women in the U.S. and worldwide isn’t anything new, whereas in some cases, not only against black women, but other colored and even white women too and in order to put more pressure on the authorities to stop brutality against black women and women in general, we say #SayHerName!!!

All humans deserve, and have the basic right to live. Sandra was murdered and for a fact, she was in the custody of the Police – supposedly law enforces. But her name will be shouted for as long as police brutality continues to haul down on the lives of black women and black people as a whole.

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