Poll: Young Blacks show Extreme Fear Of “Homegrown” Terrorists Not Of Foreign Ones

"That fear of loss of control and loss of privilege is what's inspiring this vitriol and this hate," Gregg Higgins, 27, said.

The threat of violence by people inspired by foreign extremists invokes fear in the majority of young Black Americans. But then for young people of color, particularly African-Americans, that fear is matched or surpassed by worries about violence from white extremists.

The GenForward Survey is the first of its kind – a nationally representative survey of over 1750 young adults ages 18-30, conducted monthly that pays special attention to how race and ethnicity shape respondents’ experience and views.

A just ended routine poll revealed a widespread anxiety among Black youth concerning attacks from both inside and outside the United States. But it is surprising that the internal fear outwits the external. On foreign terrorism, 49 percent of African-Americans, 40 percent of Asian-Americans, and 41 percent of Whites found it to be particularly careless.

The extreme fear expressed by Black individuals in the recent poll is likely to be caused by the string of mass shootings committed by homegrown terrorists over the last two years. The roots of this fear are traced to the year of 2015 where a self-professed white supremacist gunned down nine Black parishioners during a Bible study in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. The gunman, 22-year-old Dylann Roof, told investigators he wanted to start a race war.

The majority of White young adults described the Orlando nightclub shooting as a terrorist attack; 58 percent of adult Whites labeled it as such, compared to just 32 percent of African-Americans, 40 percent of Latinos, and 44 percent of Asian-Americans, poll results showed.

Several wars have been waged on the Black community by the police and white extremists. The murders committed by those clearly justify the results of the polls.

It is mind-bugling that white supremacists are not tagged as such terrorists though Blacks are called “thugs” and other offensive descriptions.

It is highly ironical to note that since 9/11 attack on America, the government has focused very heavily on jihadists and absolutely neglected violence from various forms of domestic extremists.

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