Body and dash cam videos from the scene released by Chicago police arouse concerns.

The story of the death of Paul O’Neal, an unarmed 18-year-old Black man, who was shot and killed for hitting police vehicle with a stolen car, is now in the center of public attention.
Many community members were sorrowfully waiting for the release of the body and dash cam videos by the police just to have their worst expectations delivered.
First of all, the video of the actual shooting cannot be made public because the body cam of the cop, who fired the deadly shot… Guess what? Was not recording.
The post-mortem medical examination also confirmed that O’Neal was shot in the back.
And that is not all. One of the videos clearly shows officers firing down the street at the speeding car. Chicago use of force policy strictly prohibits police to do so when the vehicle represents the only danger.
The officers in the videos are heard saying such heartless and cruel things that nobody can think of them as people whose lives were in danger.
“I think I shot that motherf—–, man,” one officer says.
When he is questioned about the incident he sounds a bit worried and claims that three cops were shot alleging they were shot by O’Neal. By now we know he was unarmed as were his mates.
Michel Oppenheimer, the attorney for Paul’s family, called what he saw in the videos an execution.
“We just came from watching Chicago police officers execute Paul O’Neal,” he said, “These police officers decided to play judge, jury, and executioner.”
“They decided they would control this, so the cover-up has begun,” he said.
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