Poetry To Remember: Faced With A Road

A powerful poem by our subscriber and activist-to-be

I wrote this poem myself. This is the struggle all Black/POC people face. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the bottom of the bottom or at the top with all the celebrities. You are still going to be faced with these two roads. They are still going to force you down that unattractive road. You could be Beyoncé, you could be Jay-Z and still be gunned down and discriminated against. It don’t matter your status, what matters is your color unfortunately. So many opportunities and some may cling onto those leaves, but for the rest, no matter what, that dim road will stay dim because it is ignored.

I am faced with a road
I look to the left and I see the brightest sun
On the trees are leaves of opportunities
I could easily grasp at it
My eyes gleam, my month forms a smile
I see people coming out of businesses
And schools smiling and waving at me
I wave back, but noticed that these
People weren’t my color
And small person pops up
I squeal frightened by the sudden appearance
“Oh no that’s not for you. This one is for you.”
He says to me pointing to the right of me
I look at the road, amazed by the darkness and fog covering it
The sound of gunshots could be heard
Miles away, I duck in fear
The people here are being shot down
The people here come out of beat down
Schools and businesses, their faces in horror and anger
“You can’t be serious. Are you sure that’s for me?”
The small person nods.
“Why yes ma’am. That’s what we offer for you people.”
A force involuntarily drags me towards the dark side, no matter how hard I try
To go the other way
The leaves of opportunities are flying away
The bright light becoming dimmer
My shout for help isn’t heard
The people on the other side don’t hear my cry
As I’m sucked into the side I don’t wanna be in

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Author: @filledwithmelanin

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