Award-winning deputy who confused phone for gun goes unpunished!

Dontrell Stephens awarded $23m after being paralyzed by Florida cop.

22-year-old Stephen was shot by Lin, rendering him paralyzed waist downwards for life. A sumptuous $23 million reward has been awarded as compensation. But the real question, will Dontrell receive even half of that sum while alive?

Because of a $200,000 state cap for jury awards, the issue must now go before the Florida Legislature.
“The process can take years,” according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Violations by Adams Lin, which led to the current state of Dontrell shows how far police brutality can go. Stephen’s constitutional and human rights were trampled upon and as a result he won’t be able to move his lower limbs like normal people.

Stephens was riding his bicycle in West Palm Beach as reported, when Lin saw him ride through a street at a non-crosswalk, an illegal maneuver that almost caused an accident, Lin claimed.

This made Lin follow Stephens to a nearby residence where he initiated a traffic stop.
The then 19-year-old Stephen’s had a broken phone in his hand as he jumped off of his bicycle, but apparently Lin thought the phone was a gun, and within seconds Lin fired multiple shots at Stephens with his service weapon.

Two shots in his right arm, one in his chest and one in his back as he tried to run. That was the shot that initially led to him being rendered paralyzed at a young age.

This outrageous act by the police has reached indescribable limits. God help is this young man even sees a million of the quoted amount. Why do lawmakers play friend to cops when they go against the law. Why can’t Lin be sentenced as due.

These racial acts don’t claim only lives, but homes and people’s families. Justice for white cops is lacking in our system. I just hope young Stephen will receive at part of this money promised, so as to ease the burden his condition has brought.

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