Church Shooter Dylann Roof May Be Let Off Death Penalty Hook

Judge Richard Gergel ruled that the federal case against accused church shooter Dylann Roof failed to thoroughly detail a key element of the shooter’s horrendous crimes.

Racism has taken a heavy tow on even the delivery of justice by the courts. U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel requested that prosecutors submit a “bill of particulars,” detailing 12 of the 33 charges brought against Dylann Roof following his June 2015 massacre at Mother Emanuel AME Church. The brutal attack left nine African-American parishioners dead, including the church’s head pastor.

The unperturbed 22-year-old, who openly professed his views of white supremacy, was indicted on hate crimes, religious freedom violation, and the use of a firearm in a violent crime. He’s also accused of obstructing the practice of religion.

Roof’s defense lawyers argued that the death penalty and federal death penalty laws were unconstitutional, claiming these violated the 5th and 8th amendments.

Roof’s defense team was sure to note that their challenge rooted from the prosecution’s rejection of their client’s guilty pleas with no regard to his readiness to face multiple life sentences without parole.

Earlier this month a judge Gerdel ruled that the federal case against Roof was missing a key element needed to indict him for his horrendous crimes.

Two weeks prior to Gergel’s ruling, Roof’s defense attorney filed a motion where he asserted that the federal government didn’t possess the constitutional authority to prosecute Roof; instead, he offered to handle the case to the state government.

In the bid to dismiss the indictment of the young murderer, one of his lawyers, Sarah Gannett, said “The charges at issue are extremely grave, but under the Constitution they are not properly charged,”.

Roof’s federal trial is set to begin on November 7, his state trial is scheduled for January 17, 2017.

All the information concerning this trial already looks like a description of a very clever attempt to set the mass murderer free. This is also a story, which will never happen to a Black guy, whatever crime he might commit and this can be easily proved by the recent story of Korryn Gaines.

Dylann Roof must be put on the death penalty since he intentionally murdered Black Parishioners and there should be no way out of it for him.

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