Black Karate Instructor Gives the Best Pep talk Ever

“You can do it you just gotta put your mind to it.” Shärath Jason Wilson Karate urges his karate students.

The essence of sport is to help build any individual, who participates in it either mentally, physically or even emotionally. That being the rationale ‘evolved’ the art of karate – a well known martial art.

The art seeks to impart mental strength into any karate student in order to overcome the physical pain and discomfort. In light of this that Shärath Jason Wilson, the karate instructor helped a young karate student to master in dealing with stress.

In an interview the renowned instructor said, “In our comprehensive physical, mental and emotional stability training system Mūsar Rū, we place a strong emphasis on biblical warrior-hood; where each recruit focuses on sharpening each other, not surpassing each other in training.”

Seemingly, in a video at his training session, Mr. Wilson noticed the frustration in the eyes of a student and encouraged him to channel the frustration in breaking a board. After seeing tears dripping down the cheeks of his student, he made this motivating statement, “It is okay to cry. As a man I cry too”.

In conclusion, the trainer said, “Men are humans and its okay to cry, but never give up when facing adversity. During these perverse times, it’s truly vital that we, the men and fathers of this generation, do not allow our boys to grow up with a false sense of masculinity like many of us did.”

Comparing that to the current hardships Blacks are made to go through at the hands of the police and the American justice system in general, it takes determination, the never-give-up spirit and enormous mental strength to break loose from injustice, racism and police brutality. The boy in the video and his mates maybe the ones, who will not only be able to overcome the latter.

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