How Protests Led To Bratton’s Resignation

New York City’s Police Commissioner said he was stepping down from the NYPD on Tuesday, August 2.

According to his month-old interviews, Bill Bratton didn’t have any plans to leave his post before the end of 2017.

“I’m not worried about getting kicked out of the place, fortunately,” Bratton assured journalists at a news conference.

Now the situation has drastically changed. After heated protests calling for an end to broken windows policing, which Bratton pioneered, he decided to continue his career in the private sector.

Former NYC Police Commissioner announced his decision a week and a half after Millions March NYC officially demanded his firing from Mayor de Blasio and just within two days since the occupation of lower Manhattan’s City Hall Park by the demonstrators.

About 100 people gathered there and promised to compel a shutdown of the site until the Mayor complies with their demands. The protesters also insisted on paying restitutions to the surviving victims of police brutality, redirection of police budget to the needs of minorities etc.

A participant of #ShutDownCityHallNYC complained, “I feel like Far Rockaway is not being preserved for people who are there, and people who have lived there all their life,” and added, “My community is a community of color. It’s Black and brown and Latino and we’re all working hard together, but it’s the people at the top who tear us down.”

Soon these people will be celebrating their victory. They were strong and brave enough to stand their ground and thus they fully deserve to be rewarded for their efforts and suffering.

We also hope that dreadful policies practiced by NYPD will be gone with its commissioner.

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