Bruce Wilson: We Need To Fight Injustice Together

Today, we talk to FIT founder and CEO about recent protests against police brutality in which some activists were arrested and detained.

Fighting Injustice Together (FIT), a non-profitable organization founded in Greenville, South Carolina, and the Upstate chapter of Black Lives Matter constantly organize and hold peaceful rallies some of which end not so peacefully. Today we have an interview with Bruce Wilson, the founder and CEO of FIT dedicated to fighting social injustice, wrongful conviction and police brutality. He is very passionate about removing all forms of injustice in the system and hopes to be able to combat them in any arena and in any venue.
Hello, Bruce! Could you please tell us a bit about you?
Bruce Wilson
My name is Bruce Wilson, from Greenvillle, South Carolina. I am the founder and CEO of Fighting Injustice Together, a non-profitable organization that was founded in Greenville to fight and combat injustices in any arena and in any venue.
When did you join the Black Lives Matter movement and what inspired that decision?
Bruce Wilson
Well, I’ve always had my own non-profit organization to fight injustice. And a friend of mine who used to help me a lot with my organization, formed a local chapter of Black Lives Matter here in Greenville, South Carolina which is called Upstate Black Lives Matter. And of course, since he and I are good friends and I believe in the mission of Black Lives Matter, I joined him and I stand behind him all the way.
What exactly is the message of Fighting Injustice Together?
Bruce Wilson
Our mission is that we challenge injustice, period! It doesn’t matter what, from wrongful conviction to the criminal justice system. We even help mothers when they are being evicted. So basically anytime that there’s been a social, legal or any kind of injustice, of course we want to stand against it.
What were the goals you were trying to achieve with last month’s protests?
Bruce Wilson
Well, we’re just looking for some change. We keep seeing these videos with young men being killed by law enforcement and there not being any true accountability. So what’s been going on throughout the country and here in Greenville also, is protesters saying we need to change, we need to fix this. We’re trying and we continue to peacefully demonstrate until we get meaningful change. Until we get things like citizens with body cameras, there has to be a change in our criminal justice system especially within our police department to eliminate police brutality and excessive use of force.
In your opinion, are the protests working in general?
Bruce Wilson
Well, we have to keep pushing forward and hopefully we can see the end of the road. Just look back in the civil rights era, they continued oppression until everybody got on board. It’s not just going to take Black Lives Matter. It’s going to take the nation to come together to make a change. So Black Lives Matter is keeping the pressure, keeping the dialogue on, because if you stop the protests, again the dialogue dissipates and nobody talks about it. So we’re now continuing to protest, to get the dialogue going, to keep everybody’s mind and keep the highlight on it and that’s how we are going to get the change that we need.
Have there been any results so far?
Bruce Wilson
I think the biggest thing that we can say we have achieved is that we have both parties willing to talk and discuss this openly. If it was in the past, it would be talked about behind closed doors. So I think that’s one thing that we have to grab a hold onto, that at least we are having the conversation. And I think that’s just the start.
Did you play any role with the release of protesters arrested during the last protests?
Bruce Wilson
The ones that were arrested, we went to make sure that they were able to get out. And of course we want them to have their day in court.
How do people join your movement?
Bruce Wilson
Black Lives Matter has a website where people could join. Fighting Injustice Together also has a website and a Facebook page that you can go to and interact with us.
Would you say the police have become more aggressive over the recent years?
Bruce Wilson
I’d say that it’s not just the case with law enforcement. It seems like there’s been a little bit more aggression, which is sad. Because all we want is dialogue and people to work through some of these things. So I do see them being a little bit more aggressive. I understand what happened in Dallas also creates an atmosphere where they’ll be allowed to be a little bit more aggressive. We need to understand that what happened in Dallas is not representative of Fighting Injustice Together or Black Lives Matter.
Do activist movements get more followers, donations and volunteers after protests with many incidents like what happened last month?
Bruce Wilson
I think that we get more people willing to join after such incidents. I think that’s because people can see that for what it is, especially when they’re videotaped and everyone can see on television that it’s not right. And I think that once again, it’s going to take all of us, not just Black Lives Matter, not just Fighting Injustice Together, but all of us to put an end to this. I think that when individuals see protesters, especially when they’re peaceful, stopped or arrested when protesting, people become more willing to join.
Any parting words for our readers?
Bruce Wilson
All I’m saying is that we should all stick together, fight together, remain peaceful, and hopefully we can get the meaningful change we need.

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