Flint Water crisis & other racist government Ideologies must come to a Halt!

Government’s negligence and decisions to delay assistance to Flint is painting the city as America’s latest, tangible example of environmental racism.

Contaminated water in Flint speaks of deliberate government policies against blacks.
Water flowing in one of the Michigan’s black community’s – Flint, seems to stain the government’s reputation and its policies. Racism and poverty runs through these areas, but not all, contaminated or better still, polluted water, runs through this community.

Flint, a 57% black populated and highly poor city has been on incredibly contaminated drinking and bathing water with enough lead to meet EPA’s definition of toxic waste.
The city which faces systemic neglect from the U.S. government suffers from environmental racism because no single person wants to shoulder the blame for Flint’s crises.

Government policies and other philosophies on cities like Flint and other highly Black populated cities have come to the awareness of all and sundry. Recalling, Hillary Clinton at the first presidential debate, she commented and rallied a cry for Flint’s predicaments. She said, “This crisis would have been handled differently if it happened in a white suburb outside of Detroit.”

Other State Officers and Presidential candidates have rushed to express their thoughts and critics about the Flint water crises. But the legacy of environmental injustice and racism against Flint as well as other black populated cities seem unchangeable despite the fact that our president is Black.
“I just don’t believe, in my heart, that if this had happened in a more affluent that was not a majority-minority community — I don’t believe that the state [would have] ever let it get this far,” Kildee said.

I strongly believe that the fight against racism should start first and foremost with government policies. The government should be for all people, where “all” means, not “race bias”, as it is in the U.S.!

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