Kentucky School Hair Policy “Stinks Of Racism”

Kentucky High School racially targets Black students by modifying hairstyle policies.

The Butler High School in the official regulation has banned some of the most common natural Black hairstyles, including dreadlocks, “cornrolls” (was written instead of cornrows), twists, mohawks. The racist hair policy has sparked controversy leading to a call for action by a concerned parent, State House candidate Attica Scott.

The school hair policy was designed purposely to call attention to Black students. Parents are concerned about the restrictions more particularly to dreads, twists and cornrolls. Some of the rules are:

Hair must be clean and neat with a tapered side/back and at a reasonable length.

  • Hair styles that are extreme, distracting or attention-getting will not be permitted. This includes unnatural hair colors or obvious intentions to draw attention to oneself.
  • Reasonable length for males means hair no longer than the top of the shirt collar, above the eyebrows and afros no more than 2 inches in length.
  • No dreadlocks, cornrolls [sic], twists, mohawks, no jewelry will be worn in the hair.
  • No facial hair (except mustaches or goatees) is allowed. Sideburns may not extend past bottom of ear lobe.

Scott’s daughter, Ashanti said in a press conference that she “felt disrespected because it said clean and neat hair.

And it made me feel like, maybe my hair isn’t clean,” she continued.

Attica posted the school’s hair policy, which immediately became an alarming issue to be addressed.

As everybody knows the type of natural hair depends on race. African Americans have rather unruly hair which is hard to set. It is so ignorant to forbid the very hairstyles which Black parents used to do for their kids. In other words, school administration has forbidden being Black and wearing natural hairs.

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