Dave & Buster’s Restaurant Racially Profiled Black Family

"We didn't do anything wrong besides be black with cornrows."

A Black Oregon family was racially profiled at a Dave & Buster’s restaurant in Happy Valley Saturday, July 23 after a young woman misplaced her purse and lost some money from it.

Being the Only Black family at the place, as Rachel Batiste-Barber explained in a Facebook post, they were racially profiled and embarrassed. Rachel said that she and her family went to the Happy Valley Dave & Buster’s after she received a $20 gameplay coupon.

While they were at the restaurant and playing games, a 16-year-old girl’s purse got missing but was quickly turned in at the front desk. Unfortunately, $16 claimed to have been in the purse were gone. When the teen asked about the missing money, the people at the desk told her that the person, who submitted the purse to them was “a black guy with cornrows,” and promised to look for the man.

Batiste-Barber explained that her husband being the only Black man in the bar was singled out and accused of stealing the money right in front of their kids.

“I refrained from cussing the young lady and her mother out in the family establishment and, instead, decided to go to the front desk and speak with the woman who sent them on a witch hunt to find a man who’s (sic) description my husband ‘fit,’,” she wrote.

Law enforcement officers soon arrived at the scene and Black the family was questioned and relieved.

The family went to the restaurant to have fun, but it turned out to be an embarrassment for them. They were accused with no reason, just because a White woman pointed a finger at them; even after one of the employees of the restaurant had said the father of the family didn’t fit the description of the man with the purse they were questioned by police as criminals; all requests to check surveillance camera records were declined.

The owners of the place apologized to them, but what apologies can help when the father was humiliated in front of his children? What can protect these children from shock, when their parents obey ridiculous orders and cannot say anything against them? Why? Because someone may get frightened for his life and we all know what happens next.

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