Will Body Cameras Save Black Lives?

The the volume of violence hasn't changed - the technology has just made it easier to capture the horrifying moments.

Police violence against African-Americans people has never been that intense before now when we are constantly seeing innocent Black men and women being murdered.

Though maybe before the advancement of mobile technology no one was eager to believe stories from a Black man. White people didn’t want to admit that it was the local sheriff, who engineered the nightly lynching raids of the Ku Klux Klan or provided explosives to destroy Black schools, shops, and churches. When Blacks disappeared immediately after being stopped by police, nobody would think about their brutality.

Police use of excessive force against citizens is vividly brought to light today with the help of body cameras and mobile phones. Videos taken during incidents show that the officers need no reason for stopping and frisking not to mention beating, arresting, or murdering. Still, it looks like the police have found a way to go scot-free even if there is clear evidence.

Video and audio recordings of police shootings often mysteriously disappear or turn out to be partial, cops give excuses that they either feared for their lives or made a split-second decision because the suspect was a threat to them.

Body-cameras won’t help – we will only see what happens, and it will continue to get worse if no action is taken. The President and his White cabinet cannot find solutions to these problems, that is why Black people should start looking for those themselves.

At first, they should stand out together and protect try their lives the way they can as cameras do not protect from killers.

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