Md. students walk out after viral video slams Black Lives Matter movement

Student on Mount Hebron High School in Ellicott City, walked out of school on Tuesday Feb. 2 after a student video disparaging the Black Lives Matter Movement went viral.

About 150 students at a Maryland high school staged a walkout Tuesday to show their opposition to racism after a white teenager at the school appeared in an online video concerning the Black Lives Matter movement.

Racial pressure rose last week after a student was recorded making racist pronouncements in a 30-second video that was widely circulated online.

It’s so disgusting and absolutely unacceptable for bur black community! We hope everyone remembers that February is the month of our black culture and it’s very important to fight against racism in schools during this month!

Our children should learn all aspects of American culture to understand that dark skin doesn’t determine a person’s character.

Stop the silence! Every black person, being a child or an adult, should know he has the same rights and obligations as well as whites!

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