Police Assault Family For Smelling Marijuana

Alexandria, VA cops invaded a home and held occupants hostage because someone “smelled marijuana” - a new video shows.

Only in U.S. police officers can invade homes and restrain hostages without a warrant with an excuse that they smell of drugs. A recent video posted on YouTube shows Alexandria police assaulting innocent men for smelling marijuana.

The Police responded to a complaint of a home “smelling marijuana”. Upon arrival, they forced their way in, assaulted the man who answered the door and held occupants hostage.

The innocent men were peacefully watching UFC fight when Officer Garnder and his crew dispatched. The officers searched the entire house as if they were looking for a time bomb or a missing child but, fortunately, they couldn’t find any marijuana.

No one from the family was injured according to report but had it been a Black family, we would have been probably reading about “Police shoot and kill Black family for smelling marijuana”.

The rate at which police use excessive force on citizens increased drastically over the past few years since the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson. Citizens, more especially Black people, are tired of being terrorized by law enforcement.

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