Slain Dallas Officer Might Have Been White Nationalist

While many consider Officer Lorne Ahrens as a true hero, others have conducted a small research about him that raises question whether he was a white nationalist or not.

Officer Lorne Ahrens, who was one of the five slain Dallas officers, may have had close connections with white extremists. According to the Atlanta Black Star research, on the photos spread through the Internet, Ahrens can be seen having a white pride symbol as a tattoo on his finger. The symbol, Iron Cross, is found in the Anti-Defamation Leaque’s Hate Symbols database and was widely used by Nazis after WWII.

More investigation was made to see whether late Ahrens was truly a white supremacist. And surprisingly, the Internet researchers have found some controversial facts. Ahrens had a Facebook cover photo of Thor’s hammer which is also listed as a symbol of white supremacists. He was also known for posting anti-Black propaganda.

The fatal shooting of Ahrens and four other Dallas came as a result of citizens’ outrage over the brutal deaths of two African-Americans, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, within a week.

Officer Ahrens and the other officers, of course, didn’t deserve to be murdered and the actions of the Dallas shooter can never be justified in any way. Still, it is important to know, why would a cop have Nazi tattoo? And is it alright for the Dallas Police Department to hire a man with such hateful symbols right on his hands?

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