Oregon Cop On Leave Over Hateful Facebook Post

“When encountering such mobs, remember there are 3 pedals on your floor. Push the right one all the way”, says Oregon Officer Tom Newberry.

West Linn police officer, Tom Newberry, who posted on Facebook Tuesday morning that the Black Lives Matter day of peaceful protest should be referred to as “a day of target practice”, is placed on paid administrative leave while the department conducts the investigation.

The West Linn police Chief, Terry Timeus, said that some of Newberry’s posts were about violence against BLM protesters and that he won’t condone any of his officers from posting “stuff that’s inflammatory against any movement or any race.”

To say the least, I am extremely disappointed if those were in fact his posts”, Terry said.

In one of Newberry’s post, it reads, “Screw ‘white guilt’ — drivers show ‘Black Lives Matter’ that they shouldn’t block traffic.”

Another post claims, “Dallas authorities release sketch of man who helped facilitate the slaughter of Dallas Police Officers!

The West Linn Police Department officials said that the department “takes allegations of wrongdoing seriously and will take appropriate action to hold our members accountable.” They said their primary goal is to maintain trust in the communities. Although to maintain trust they have to act but not to talk. How long will this officer remain on leave? He should be fired immediately after his hateful statements because officers like these are in charge of racial tensions in the country.

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