Franchesca Ramsey Debunks Myths About Black Lives Matter

Statement Black Lives Matter does not mean that ONLY Black peoples’ lives matter.


MTV Franchesca Ramsey debunks four tales told about Black Lives Matter.

Firstly, Many White folks say that Black people don’t care about Black-on-Black crimes. Ramsey explains that communities actually do care about gun Black-on-Black violence more than the White people. She mentioned several Black organizations, which address this issue including Chicago CeaseFire. Ramsey explained that particularly the BLM movement is about loss of Black lives caused by police violence.

Secondly, some people think saying “Black Lives Matter” imply police lives don’t matter. Everyone’s lives are supposed to matter, but there is a strong difference: all the people are arrested and punished for assaulting or killing officers, but cops who shoot and kill innocent Black people are getting away with it.

In addition,  for “people who say Black Lives Matter mean only Black Lives Matter.” Ramsey explains that BLM doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter, it’s that Black lives should matter the way other lives do.

Black lives should matter, but the way that our justice system, our media and our police have been operating, it suggests they do not”, Ramsey says.

Finally, the BLM movement is accused of not caring about white victims of police violence. In as much as Blacks are 2.5 times more likely to fall victim to police violence, the lives of White victims also do matter to Black people.

Police violence is a problem in many communities, but bringing up other victims to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement is pretty disingenuous,” Ramsey says.

The problem is that most white people prefer to build defaming myths about the movement rather than to listen to their message and try to sympathize with it.

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