BLM Protester Arrested During Media Interview

A 22-year-old African-American, Sapphire Williams was shockingly arrested by five fully armed police officers while she was yet granting an interview to TWC News Rochester.

The Albany University graduate was going out with some friends to have a drink in the city center of Rochester, NY, last Friday night when she cited a heavy presence of police officers at a Black Live Matters protest. The young African-American who initially didn’t plan to be part of the protest has touched the grievances of the protesters by what she saw.

This she said compelled her to ask questions. In her statement, Williams said, “Seeing how there was a very small presence of protesters compared to the police, it evoked something in me to ask the officers a rhetorical question of what got us to this point.”

But while she just began speaking fanatically to the news camera, five heavily armed police officers rushed towards her and arrested her. In an interview with CNN, Williams described her ordeal with the officers as a humiliating and fretful one. She said, “I was extremely alarmed. I had no idea what they were going to do to me; if they were about to tackle me to the ground.”

Sapphire Williams was kept in police custody until 7 a.m. the next day. An experience she depicted as very traumatizing. It will off course be an alarming situation for any Black person. Especially in the wake of the numerous indiscriminate killing of Black people by police officers.

Williams was in police custody that night with dozens of other protesters too. “Instances like mine caught on camera make people become aware and more empathetic to issues Black Americans face, and generally people of color and with a socioeconomic status who don’t have a voice,” she finally added. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right guaranteed by the First Amendment, so what exactly has she done wrong?  These unjust brutal police actions have nothing in common with restoring trust in the communities; consequently with reducing tensions and keeping peace in the country.

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