Family Of Black Teen Shot Dead By Police Says It Was A Hate Crime

The family of a Black college student who was shot dead by Chicago police officer, Robert Rialmo, has filed a lawsuit against the officer, calling the murder a hate crime.

On December 26, Officer Rialmo responded to a dispatch call placed by Antonio LeGrier requesting assistance. Just minutes after the police arrived at the scene, Quintonio LeGrier and downstairs neighbor Bettie Jones were shot dead by Officer Robert Rialmo. The cop involved has given multiple conflicting statements regarding events leading to the shooting, but one thing remains painfully clear: this could have been avoided.

Since then, the family of the Black teen who was brutally murdered by the Chicago police officer has amended a wrongful death lawsuit to call the killing a hate crime. According to the lawyer for the father of Quintonio LeGrier, there is an underlining factor of racial bias that might have compelled the cop’s action. Per investigations, a private conversation between Officer Robert Rialmo and his friend involving racial slurs was uncovered.

“U get any n—–s,” the friend asked.

“Sort of lol … long story,” Rialmo replied.

The amended lawsuit claims the officer “thought it was humorous to characterize people as ‘n—-r,'” according to the Tribune.

The lawyer added that “He was assigned to patrol an African-American neighborhood while he was engaging in such offensive and racist communications.”

The lawyer for Rialmo, Brodsky has rubbished the claim of racism in the conduct of his client. Earlier this year, Rialmo filed a countersuit against LeGrier’s family and also countersued the city for not adequately preparing him to handle the incident since the teen was mentally ill, a report by the newspaper.

Multiple pieces of research conducted have shown that when it comes to the use of force, officers are quicker to use it on people of color. With this knowledge, the government still seems unwilling to check the blatant racism that now runs rampant in the police force.

This cannot continue. Every shooting that involves the death of an unarmed civilian must see the cop culpable being indicted and fired immediately from the police force.

Officer Robert Rialmo’s excuse for taking the life of college student Quintonio LeGrier is that the young Black boy assaulted him with a bat. Subsequent evidence has shown that even though the boy did have a bat, he never attacked him. Besides Officer Rialmo, a former army veteran should’ve had no trouble disarming the boy without using lethal force.

With cases like these, where a cops inexperience or eagerness to use lethal force without trying less brutal means to resolve domestic situations, they should be immediately fired from the police force and banned from ever owning firearms. This is for the safety of all citizens.

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