Black Man Suggests Racists Pay For His ‘Trip Back To Africa’

An Indiana Black man creates GoFundMe account for white racists to put their money where their heart is.

A native of Indiana, Larry Mitchell, has recently started a ‘GoFundMe’ campaign. His aim for this crusade is that, all the white racists who insist he and his fellow Black people living in America go back to Africa pay for the trip. But it seems most of these people are unwilling to put their money where their heart is, as the man whose aim is to raise $100,000 has only been able to raise $330 in the weeks since his campaign started.

There have been lots of $5 anonymous donations to his campaign, but isn’t $5 too low a price to pay for ridding the country of one more African American? Why most of the donors hide under the cloak of anonymity? Is this not an opportunity for America to finally make amends for the damages inflicted on Africa by kidnapping able-bodied men and women from the continent and shipping them away to become slaves.

Now due to Mr. Mitchell’s initiative Blacks can tell those who scream the words “go back to Africa,” to pay for the trip. Seeing as how Black ancestors were brought here against their will; but most importantly, free. This stands to reason that trip back home is to be sponsored by the race that brought us here illegally, to begin with.

So to all those who want to rid America of Blacks, instead of shouting out the words in hate, do something to actually help your cause. Go online and donate money to pay for the trips back home, since obviously your system has ensured most Black people won’t be able to afford it. And please do not be cheap about it; try to make your donations go past to $5 mark. And leave a name, if possible an email address so we know who to send our thank you letters to.

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