UPDATED: BLM Protests For Justice Spread Across The Country

In the light of recent police brutality outbreak Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in peaceful rallies to demand justice and draw public attention to the issue. BlackMatters is observing the situation for our readers.

Recently Anonymous group has proclaimed this Friday to become so-called “Day Of Rage” suggesting that wave of violent protests will shake up the nation. In the five-minute-video group showed disturbing footages of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile fatal shootings, Dallas police officers slaying and other frightening images. “Day of Rage” rallies according to the Anonymous group were supposed to take place in at least 36 cities. At the scheduled time of alleged protests law-enforcement officers were waiting with extra availability at every location. However, nobody had appeared and BLM officials denied any ties with the group and so-called “Day of Rage”.

Instead of it, a few hours later Black Lives Matter activists and their supporters gathered in several cities in peaceful rallies in order to show their will for justice and equality in the society.

Here are some exclusive updates from the first-person perspective:

6:08 PM, Oakland, CA

Ianna O. (@aconcisehistory) wrote, “50 or so people, 14yr old girls at the front, marched from city hall to OP admin bldg, and marched to freeway entrance where police were blocking traffic. Some ppl sat down facing cops at this intersection. Marched back to city center, “black & I’m proud” in big circle. No one arrested or injured at the time of my leaving”.

7:00 PM, San Diego, CA

7:43 PM, San Francisco, CA

6:57 PM, Denver, CO

6:50 PM, Reno, NV

7:30 PM, Reno, NV

8:11 PM, Chicago, IL

9:22 PM, Austin, TX

09:50 PM, Detroit, MI

An unnamed Detroit witness: Honestly there’s not a lot going on out here in Arizona as far as that…I was actually surprised it even happened…but that was my first time since I moved here from Detroit actually being able to take part. And of course we were met by police resistance and Trump supporters…pepper spray…and a lot of arrests
BM: Today? or Monday?
Witness: This was Monday. But its not going well in my opinion. Its becoming more of the same


09:57 PM, Brooklyn, NYC; Dozens of protesters arrested

Ash J (@AshAgony) wrote: It’s a bash back protest. Meaning it is done by queer and trans people (especially queer and trans people of color) in solidarity with BLM.

BM: “What are their slogans?”

Ash J:  Racist, sexist, anti-gay! NYPD, KKK!”

About a hundred of people gathered at Miami Gardens on Saturday noon to protest against police brutality.

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