Fun in the Sun

Our young subscriber teaches Black girls and ladies to be comfortable in their gorgeous skin

Our young Instagram subscriber, Miss Theola, presents to you her ‘Melanin Misfit Blog‘:

I can’t recall anytime in my life being happy for the summer and the only reason for that is because I did not want to get tan. This is the first year that I’m actually going to be a carefree black girl and enjoy being in the sun without trying to find shade.

This started when I was 5 years old, I didn’t want to share the crackers that was packed into my lunch bag with a classmate who wasn’t that much lighter than me and her response to that was “At least I’m not black”. We live in a society where being darkskin makes you seem as if you aren’t as beautiful, smart and graceful as everyone else.

In that moment I didn’t know how to react, I’ve seen black crayons and knew how I wasn’t that dark. I just let the whole situation go. My skin color being use as a negative thing continue through my elementary years. And the terms that were meant to offend me expand I was now being called “African, Darkey, Midnight” and hearing the classic comments of “If we turn off the light can we find you, when did you come from Africa, Darker than coal” mixed with the tongue clicking sounds and laughter, being black was a joke and should be taken as an insult. This made me tried my hardest to stay out of the sun and in my bed as often as I can. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I finally realized the beauty of being black and my love for it continues to grow. It started with me cutting my hair to become natural so I can grow out long, natural, healthy hair and then the rest followed.

I joined an internship that made documentaries and was able to be apart of one that talk about the struggle of colorism in different communities for people of color. I started to really look into media and how much under representation there is for black people and people of color in general. I then started to unfollow people on all forms of media that I couldn’t relate to or see myself in, the only reason I was following them was for the trend anyway. Then I started to follow people who looks like me, socially conscious and radiates beauty in the mind, soul and spirit. It makes me think how can I be uncomfortable with myself when my melanin is going to shine like many of the females that I follow. How they are confident in their skin color and their features was something that I’ve been trying to accomplish since I was young, by following them hopefully I will learn to do the same.  So if I’m not at work I will be somewhere outside whether that’s in the pool, beach or park I will be under the sun. #carefreeblackgirl

“Black” is accepted in: nails, makeup, hair, scarves, shirts, jerseys, sweaters, pants, jackets, coats, shoes, bags, headphones, phones, cars, diamonds, books,  pens, ink, color, but not in the skin!

Author: Melanin Misfit

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