…a voice for the weary and exhausted voiceless slaves.

Freedom means Life and determination they say is the key to success!

Fredrick Douglass, a runaway slave made it to the glaring pathway of success and eventually became a voice against slavery and oppression prevalent in 19-century America.

As an ardent reader, orator, abolitionist, author and diplomat, he is widely believed to have been born sometime in Feb. 1818.

Born into slavery, he grew up to endure unjust beatings, severe hunger and criticism just like his slave mother and fellow slave babies, teens and adults.

His life was a perfect example of the strongest will, THE WILL TO BE FREE!

Education was dear to his heart and he knew that it was “the direct pathway from slavery to freedom”. Therefore, he embraced it passionately!

The potentials of the enslaved were clearly seen in Douglass ‘the ex-slave’ who stood as stark evidence of their intellectual abilities, dignity and worth in his well-articulated orations and a voice of reason!

The legacy of Douglass is freedom. He never forgot to retell what slaves were suffering and endured in their struggles to be free, the burning passion to have education, the unsuccessful escapes from the plantations and the severe beating and hunger that came as retribution for their desire to be free.

Nevertheless, Freedom is far more superior to slavery, racial injustice and brutality!

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