“Our Hearts Are Heavy”: Black Police Officers Cry Out

Black police officers express displeasure about the violence carried on by the police and also the violence perpetrated on officers.

A 64 -year-old retired police officer, Preston Gilstrap shared his view with the public concerning the police brutality on Black people and violence perpetrated on officers. As narrated by the African American retired police officer, he was saddened to have watched the videos of the two recent killings of Black men by the police;  Philando Castile in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Though Gilstrap was truly upset with the police killings of two Black men, but he also condemned the deadly shooting of five police officers in Dallas during a peaceful protest.  The Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas on Thursday night turned sour when a gunman opened fire killing five police officers and injuring nine others.

In a statement posted by the Huffington Post on Friday, Preston Gilstrap said, “My heart has been totally torn out of my chest by both violence perpetrated on officers and violence perpetrated by officers.” 

The deputy chief of the Dallas Police Department and national chairman of the National Black Police Association, Malik Aziz, also added his voice. He said in his statement on Friday that “the atmosphere in the police department right now is somber and also their hearts are heavy following the recent unfortunate happenings”.

Black police officers seem to be positioned between the devil and the deep sea.

The community has to make them comprehend that it is neither against the police nor against the government. Black people are against racism and injustice. The protest will end when the government steps forward with actions against killings of Black people, racial discrimination, wealth inequality and many other issues that make life of the Black communities unbearable.

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