Police Now Kill More Blacks Than During Jim Crow’s Lynching Time

Records show that, in 2015, more Blacks were killed by cops compared to the 1892 massive lynching of Black Americans and in 2016 the tendency is the same.

The recent fatal police shootings of Black men show that brutality against Black people is evolving once again in the country since Jim Crow’s era between the 1890 and 1965.

More Black people per year are killed nowadays than in the years when the country was most segregated.

According to a data, “Lynchings, white and Negroes”,    obtained from Alabama’s Tuskegee University, an average of 35 Blacks were lynched per year under Jim Crow, but in 2015, 258 African-Americans were murdered by racist cops, which is even more than in the worst years of Crow when 161 black Americans were lynched in one year.

Just half a year came through 2016, and there are already 123 fatal shootings of innocent and mostly unarmed Black men. How many more are going to die before the government would take actions?

Some people say get a gun and protect yourself if no one does. But this cannot apply to Black men because if you are shot dead by just holding toy gun, then what would happen, if you have a real one? Besides, studies prove that more guns in our communities make people less safe.

The saddest thing is that while lynching and segregation are admitted to be violent, unjust and unlawful, police shootings continue to stay literally legal as practically none of the murderer officers faced any punishment according to the law.

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