Young Black Girl Takes Glory

The “Black star” glitters as a young Black Girl, Chloe Smith, does “magic”

It is highly refreshing to note that blacks are indeed world Changers. This is seen in the black impact in almost all organized competitions be it academia or showbiz. The Black impact is just unprecedented and unmatched. Blacks do a great deal of service to society though we are never appreciated or even recognized by our White Counterparts. Though evil-structured systems have been designed to favor the white folks, the “Black star” can never dim.

It is in light of the Black kind-heartedness in offering a great deal of service to society that special mention is made of Chloe Smith; a 6- year old Georgia-based young girl who did the impossible. She is described as very inquisitive and very spunky. It is there quite magical that she found the stolen gold medal of Joe Jacobi. Young Chloe Smith is reported to have spotted the shiny object near some trash on June 17 and handed it over to her mom. Charlmonique Cunningham; Chloe’s mom emailed Joe Jacobi who confirmed who later picked it up and as a kind gesture rewarded the young girl with a sum $500 with the promise that he will visit her school in Fall.

Down the lane of history, it is known that Joe Jacobi won the medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. But surprisingly news reached the world that the medal was stolen from Jacobi’s car last month.  And a great search was underway to find it. Owing to this, Chloe may be best described as the detective of the moment.

Great virtues are seen in Blacks as the case of discrimination is never seen in the “dictionary” of Blacks. Blacks offer great service to society whether to the white folks or fellow Blacks. This is ironical on the side of our white folks who are highly discriminatory in all aspects of life be it education, job opportunities, and several others .  Chloe’s great service to Joe Jacobi is a classical example of Black –kindness and readiness to serve society. We, therefore, besiege our white folks to see the good in the Black and put an immediate stop to racism, black brutalities, and generally black oppression. Chloe’s victory is victory for all Blacks.

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