Killing of Alton Sterling: Black Arise And Seek Justice

Police kill Black Louisiana CD Salesman

A beautiful morning is met with new hopes of life, but it wasn’t so for the Black community as news of death hit the vulnerable, oppressed and most brutalized race in America- Blacks. It is such an ironical occurrence considering the fact that it happened just a day after the so-called “Land of Free” declaration celebration. It may be indeed “Land of the Free” for only the White folks but for the People of Color, it keeps being a land of great oppression, depression, and brutalities.

The Black Louisiana CD Salesman; Mr. Sterling was until his untimely death described as a peaceful, pleasant a hardworking young man who earned a living by selling CDs in front of Convenience Store and did nothing criminal.

It was one of that bad news that hit the Black community when a Black Louisiana CD Salesman who was later identified as Alton Sterling was shot dead by the police. Onlookers gave an account of the incident that Mr. Sterling was Brutalized, Manhandled by Baton Rouge Cops and was finally Shot dead On Camera.

Giving an account of the incident, a cooked-up story by the police stated that Mr. Sterling was allegedly pointing a gun at someone in front of the Triple S Food Mart Convenience Store. The police upon responding to the situation pounced on Sterling and eventually shot him multiple times under the pretext that Mr. Sterling was reaching out for his gun.

But then again, onlookers rubbished  the claim of the police concerning the 37-year old man attempting to reach out for his gun and rather said Mr. Sterling’s hands were nowhere close to his pockets . Based on this, we lay emphasis that it was a blatant lie that Mr. Sterling carried a gun as purported by the anonymous caller to the police.

Mr. Sterling’s death is in the same line with what happened to Eric Garner who was choke- held  by the police until he ran out of breath and was subsequently pronounced dead on reaching  a hospital in New York . A grand jury of the Eric Garner’s case failed to indict the officers responsible.

Till when will black issues be addressed fairly by authorities? Looking at the aftermath of Eric’s case which the culprit(s) went unpunished, we call on the Black fraternity to embark on a chain of heated riots until justice reaches the Black community. Arise all Blacks and let us with one accord and force fight the white force in society trying to oppress and subdue Blacks. The fight continues unabated.

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