Parents Call For DOJ Probe In NYC Schools After 3 Sexual Assault Cases

New York Educational System: You can be suspended from school for being raped.

Attorney Carrie Goldberg calls on the Department of Justice to investigate into systemic racial and gender bias in NYC’s public schools. Goldberg and parents of black female students say the schools have a pattern of mishandling sexual assaults cases.

The city received a complaint from a 15-year-old black girl forced to perform oral sex on two boys, but she (the victim) was suspended from school as a result of it. Another black girl was punched in her genitals and the offender was only sent away for few weeks. The most recent one was an eight-grader sodomized by a classmate. Yet, no action was taken.

Attorney Goldberg said in a statement that “teenage Black girls are sexualized in society in a way that White girls are not.”

These Black kids are especially vulnerable, and they are often targeted just because of the strange stereotype that black people are constantly hungry for sex. No matter what happens their behavior is considered provocative by default.

Such attitude has long term consequences like underage single mothers, early pregnancies and so on – children start thinking that what’s happening to them is a norm. Going unpunished also turns White kids into monsters. Is it what we want for our kids?

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