Why Do Black Children Continue Committing A Lot Of Suicides?

The loss of a single child is a generation cut short, dreams unrealized, and great potential lost. This makes it more serious and that it needs urgent responds.

The rate, at which black children are taking their own lives, is outrageous. They are young and innocent but still society manages to infuse its racist concepts into their hearts and this propels them to act in a manner only the internet media and TV stations would show them.

In times past, African-American children had a lower rate of suicides in comparison with Whites mostly because of cultural peculiarities, but in recent years the situation has drastically changed.

First and foremost, scientists blame the increase in child molestation and mistreat in social institutions, where mostly White instructors and elderly bullies cause the problem. Then goes the lack of access to good quality medical aid. According to a report by Jake Dubois, two Black children committed suicide from the beginning for the year, “a 16-year-old boy on Jan. 26, and a 12-year-old boy on Sunday,” which was on Jan 31.

Carelessness of some parents plays a role too.

In general, the main problem is racism and hidden genocide. Black children constantly suffer from both verbal and physical attacks at school. This renders them into a state of psychological trauma which leads to suicide. Most of the times, at school, Black children are also punished in a more severe manner than White kids.

Also, the analysis suggests that too many children sentenced to life without parole are Black. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, there are at least 2,500 youth sentenced to life without parole in America. All these factors change them and if they do not get enough support from the family and society even if they are released, suicide becomes the option.

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