Baltimore Celebs To Leave Their Hometown

Many residents are scared to live in the city after a Baltimore rapper was fatally shot

Our hearts are broken by the loss of a rising Baltimore rapper Tyriece Watson, aka Lor Scoota, who was gunned down while leaving a peace rally at Morgan State University.

Scoota was preaching a peaceful life on the city streets. He did a lot to promote and encourage non-violence among the Black youth.

It is unclear who killed one of Baltimore’s most successful music artists. A killer’s motivation for the shooting remains obscure as well.

What is clear is that the rapper’s death triggered an outpouring of reactions among other local celebrities who now have serious doubts whether Black people can stay safe at their homes.

The shooting of Scoota is not an isolated case. Popular dirt bike rider, Chino Braxton, remembers his own shooting that happened earlier this year and nearly killed him. Fortunately, he survived two gunshot wounds to the head. In the wake of Lor Scoota’s death, more and more city’s top hip-hop stars and sportsmen think of leaving their hometown, saying Baltimore is going through a really tough time.

It feels like the local police fail to crack down on growing crime wave. What is more, they reluctantly launch investigations both into the murders and assaults of Black people. Even Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby, who struggles to end the violence against Blacks, doesn’t find it to be an easy task. She won a reputation of a tough-on-police reformer and was shouted down for the way she handled some cases.

What happens in the city is deeply troubling. Panic among the residents reached its highest. Everyone is ready to give up on their homes and run.

Unfortunately, if they do so not much will change. Blacks will face the same problem wherever they go, since the government doesn’t care. So, if authorities don’t address our issues, shall we stand by and watch our people dying?

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