Modern Day Lynching: Black Man Shot Dead By Cop, Maimed By K-9

A 37-year-old Antwun Shumpert was disfigured by a police dog and shot dead by a police officer June 18, 2016, in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Police are investigating a disturbing incident of an officer letting a K-9 dog disfigure an unarmed Black father of five kids, Antwun Shumpert, and fatally shooting him Saturday, June 18.

Shumpert was stopped during a routine traffic stop that Saturday evening, at around 9:30 p.m. The Tupelo Police Department reports that Shumpert tried to run away when he was pulled over, but the cop and his highly trained K-9 dog pursued him on foot and he was shot when he tried to attack the officer.

In contrast to the police report, an attorney representing Shumpert’s family, Carlos Moore, said bystanders who witnessed the incident explained that the man had been trying to surrender when the officer had released the dog on him. He was then shot four times, one in the abdomen and three in his chest, as he tried fighting with the dog.

The police department refused to release the name of the officer for his safety but he was placed on administrative leave.

Moore, however, said in a conference over the week that “If the chief of police doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to fire the officer, then he should resign”.  He gave the department 72 hours to respond; else he will file a federal lawsuit against them. “We believe the officer just went berserk. It was a modern day lynching,” Moore said.

How could a routine traffic stop lead to such horrific execution? What was that officer thinking about when he took the life of the father of five? Hardly will we ever find out the answers.

It appears to be that a police encounter with Black men always ends up in fatal shootings. Now police officers are not satisfied just by killing Blacks, they want to torture them before. Such actions should be considered as a crime against humanity, but still, there is practically no hope of restoring justice in this story.

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