Attorneys Arrested For Blaming Imaginary Black Man For Car Crash

Two White Ohio Attorneys, Kenneth Lewis and Heather Wilsey, were arrested for drunk driving, subsequent car crash and falsely accusing a Black man of it.

Earlier this month, Kenneth Lewis and Heather Wilsey decided to go have some fun at a local bar. The two attorneys got extremely drunk and decided to drive home by themselves. They had crashed into a telephone pole and police were called to the scene.

Lewis and Wilsey told police officers that they had been drinking at the bar when they had met a Black man in camouflage shorts, dark shirt and red cap, who had offered to drive them home. Lewis explained that they had sat in his Acura and the Black man had been driving “South on East River Street before turning west onto Fourth Street,” where he had crashed the car and decided to run away.

At first, the officers were foolish enough to believe Lewis’ silly tale. But a surveillance video obtained from the area showed a different story than Lewis and Heather had told the police. Either that Black man was invisible or there were just two drunk Whites driving the car.

White people just can’t stop blaming Black men for their own crimes. About months ago, two wayward white South Carolina elementary school kids reported an attempted abduction by an imaginary Black man just to skip school. Another white woman Susan Smith, after killing her own children, blamed a fake Black man for having kidnapped them.

This pattern perfectly reflects the existing racist system and white people’s perception of Blacks. They are sure that police would gladly believe in a Black offender even if he doesn’t exist. Well, they are right. Luckily the footage restored the truth this time and no innocent Black man was charged.

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