Talented Black Students Are Out Of Advanced Programs

The chances of Black teens getting into gifted school programs increase only if their teachers are Black.

A new study by Vanderbilt University unveils shocking figures of racism in schools. Young and talented African-Americans are twice less likely to be placed in school programs for outstanding students.

The research examined 10,000 elementary school children and found out that Black students were 66 percent less likely to be admitted to special programs for talented students, even if they have equally high academic performance as Whites.

Interestingly, the research shows that the chances of Black students getting in these programs increase if they have a Black teacher. As a result, the current system is locked in a vicious circle where no one except Black teachers notices the potential of Black children.

Unfortunately, there are not enough Black teachers to steer all the talented students to these programs.  Due to the lack of opportunities and discrimination, the percentage of Black teachers doesn’t grow.

The system is a product of discrimination and racism, created by people who perceive Blacks as slaves and second class citizens. And when they had to admit Blacks in schools, they had done everything to prevent them from getting a chance to receive a high-quality education.

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