Protests Erupt After Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed White Teen

Fresno violent protesters waved Confederate flag, “White Lives Matter” signs and shouted racial slurs after cops had fatally shot Dylan Noble,19.

Dozens of angry and violent white protesters stormed a gas station in Fresno, California Sunday, June 26, waving the Confederate flag and “White Lives Matter” signs, vandalizing property and shouting racial slurs, in response to police fatal shooting of a 19-year-old white teen, Dylan Noble.

19-year-old Dylan Noble was shot several times by two Fresno police officers Saturday, June 25, after being stopped for speeding.

According to the police report, Noble refused to maintain the order. He drove for about half a mile before slowing down. The police rained bullets on Noble, thinking that he was reaching a gun, as he got out of his car and didn’t show his hands to the officers. The teen suffered from gunshot wounds and died the day after in a hospital.

The Fresno Police Deputy Chief, Pat Farmer, however, said, “Initially we did not find a weapon on his person, we have yet to do a thorough search of the pickup truck he was driving in.”

As the family of the deceased gathered Sunday night for a vigil at the scene where Noble was shot dead, protesters were busy setting off fireworks, blocking roads, breaking bottles and shouting f**k the police, but none of them has been arrested. Here is time to remember Ferguson protests, isn’t it?

The act of white people, who for some reason dragged the Confederate flag to the protest, are illogical and aimed to mock the Black protests. Finally, the usage of plagiarized “White Lives Matter” signs shows disrespect towards Black people, who came up with the phrase in response to the racism and discrimination against Blacks.

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