Blacks Are Not Cool According to Red Cross Racist Poster

The American Red Cross found itself in hot water over a pool safety poster that depicts Black children in a negative light

Unfortunately, racism is something that follows Black people in all aspects of our life. We’ve written a lot about the racism and segregation in the healthcare. Now the organization we believed was one of the most human and caring loses it’s points because of the racist poster they used to talk with children about the pool safety.

When Margaret Sawyer (who is not Black, by the way) first saw this safety poster titled “Be Cool, Follow the Rules” at a pool in Salida, Colorado, she didn’t like it at all.

When she saw it for a second time at an entirely different pool, she thought she was living somewhere in the middle of the 20th century. The reason is most of the white children pictured were labeled “cool” while the majority of Black children were branded “not cool” for breaking the rules.

Luckily, Mrs. Sawyer didn’t leave the posters be and made a great Facebook post calling for the retraction and replacing the posters at pools across the country:

Additionally, an organization called “Black Kids Swim” started the campaign asking Red Cross to build collaborations with organizations who actively work to promote diversity in swimming. You can sign it here.

And though the Red Cross issued a statement on Monday apologizing for the controversial poster, the very idea of it and the fact that it was printed out and used in public places are not cool!

I bet the staff who made the poster and those who were in charge of the project were all white people. Anyway, this kind of message is inappropriate and disturbing. The team that failed such an easy task – to stay tolerant in their work – should be properly punished.

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