Cop Brutalizes Handcuffed Black Man For Refusing To Sit Down

Cop uses excessive force and dangerously slams a non-violent Black man to the ground for refusing to sit on the floor like a slave.

In a disturbing violent video posted on Facebook, we can see a Philadelphia police officer abusing his power and assaulting a handcuffed unnamed Black man who was only standing for his rights. The cop, who had been angered by bystanders taking a video of the arrest of this innocent man, commanded him to sit on the floor like a slave but he refused.

Meanwhile officer was shouting at him and trying to frighten him, but the man remained resolved in his dignity to stand.

The situation went tense when police officer asked the Black man to provide his ID, but he didn’t react immediately to the demand and therefore was handcuffed. He did not resist the arrest but tried to explain to the police officer that he couldn’t hear him while he had earphones on.

I had my headphones in. Obviously, I couldn’t hear you,” explains the young Black man.

This reasonable explanation didn’t impress the officer. So, when the man refused to follow humiliating instructions, which were made just to please cop’s self-importance, the police officer poked the man’s chest and smashed him to the concrete by the karate move. He was just lucky the victim didn’t fall at a different angle; it would have been really painful or could even result in some serious injuries.

By the way, police officer broke his duty regulations by using such excessive force against the handcuffed man who wasn’t resisting at all, because it is unlawful for a cop to use force until the subject actively resists.

Most of the American cops don’t understand that they should protect the law, but not to create the law.  They believe that people should do whatever they say, no matter how justified their orders are.

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